At JM Bar Ranch, We Offer lean, well marble Jersey Beef.
Our Primary Herd at is made up of Holsteins. More Commonly seen as your Traditional Dairy Breed, Holstein Offers the Perfect cuts of Flavorful, Tender, Lean Beef.
Holstein Beef has 25 to 30 Percent Less Fat than Traditional Beef Breeds. As a Naturally Leaner Breed, There is Less Fat Accumulation on the Outside of the Muscle and More on the Inside. The Higher Marbling Content Contributes to the Flavor and Tenderness of the Meat, while also Making it an Excellent Source of Lean Protein. This is Important for Our Health Conscious Customers Interested in Low-Fat Diets.
Having Enjoyed Holstein Beef as Our Families Primary Source of Beef for Many Years, We Personally Recommend Holstein Beef to All of Our Customers.
From the Seasoned Grill Master, to the Health Conscious Meal Planner,
This is the Perfect Beef for All!
For Those who Prefer a More Traditional Breed of Beef, We offer Angus. Having Gained Popularity over the Last few Years, Angus is Your Most Common “Retail” Beef. Our Angus, However, is Raised Naturally on the Same Pastures as Our Holsteins. This Guarantees Higher Quality and More Flavorful Angus Beef than You will Find in Any Supermarket.
No Matter which Type of Beef You Choose, there are Numerous Benefits of Buying
Quality, Natural, Farm Raised Beef.
All of Our Beef is Raised Without the Use of Growth Hormones, Steroids, or Feed Antibiotics.
Humane Treatment of Our Cattle is a Must in Every Aspect of Our Operation
Since our Cattle have Access to Grass and Grass Hay Free Choice, They Produce Meat that is Higher in CLA, Omega 3, and Vitamin E.

Using a Low-Grain and Grass Ration for Energy Efficient Finishing, we Achieve the Best Possible Flavor without
Sacrificing Quality.

100% Grass Fed/Finish Beef is Available Upon Request.

*Please Contact Us for More Information on Our Feeding and Finishing Methods
We have Teamed up with Stagecoach Meat Company in Wiggins to offer Top Quality, Local, Custom Processing. All of Our Beef is Processed Individually to Ensure that Your Order comes from One Source. This Guarantees Consistency Throughout All of Your Beef.

All Beef is Dry Aged for 14 to 21 Days for Tenderness and Flavor.